Not all those who wander are lost. But those who do not wonder are. This blog is about the wanderings of a wonderer and the wonderings of a wanderer compelled to roam the earth in search of wisdom and the meaning of happiness.

Spurring me on my quest is Lantern Jack, a daemon or, perhaps, emanation of the noosphere. Lantern Jack made me leave my former, comfy, sedentary life and is guiding me as I travel in search of extraordinary people – people who live or think so differently than the rest of us that they make you re-examine your own life and basic assumptions.

Inspired by the story of Diogenes, who carried around a lantern, claiming that he was trying to find a genuine human being, I am traveling in search of people and experiences that can teach me things you can’t learn in books or at a university. This blog is a catalog of my adventures and explorations of the noosphere as well a way for other wonderers and wanderers to connect with me.

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