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21. 04. 2014

The Wonderful World of Truckers

Neal and the sex doll GPS Neal used to be in the army, he says. Thinning curls hang over his boney face. He’s slim but tough-looking, like he wouldn’t hesitate to kick you...

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17. 04. 2014

How to hitch a ride with a truck driver – the definitive guide to an awesome way to travel

Getting a ride in a truck is one of the coolest ways to travel. Trucks go very long distances, the seats are incredibly comfortable (with air suspension built into the actual seat), the...

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11. 02. 2014

A UFO Sighting in Ohio

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. There are those who think hitchhiking is the best way to travel, and then there are those who have never tried hitchhiking. Or as...

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10. 02. 2014

Busking Through Cities

What is the best way to get to know a new city? Take a tour? Visit museums and highlights? Follow a tourist guide? If you are visiting a friend who can show you...

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10. 12. 2013

Travels by Michael Crichton

Often I feel I go to some distant region of the world to be reminded of who I really am. Is there a better one-liner that captures the personal importance of traveling? I...

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08. 12. 2013
horses on the steppe

A Cautionary Tale of Romance on the Steppe

“I think it’s a great mission,” said Anthony when I explained to him and his friend Pete what I was setting out to do. “Travel the world in search of extraordinary people. I...

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04. 12. 2013

A Quest for Meaning

If you had one year to live, what would you do? How would you spend the precious time you had left? I woke up one day and realized my life had run into...

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27. 10. 2013

The Road to Pittsburgh

It’s a hundred and sixty five miles from Penn State to Pittsburgh – a very manageable distance for a day’s hitching, provided you get up at a reasonable hour. The early bird catches...

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20. 10. 2013

Bread, Games, and Politics

A consequence of stepping outside of the system, of leaving the beehive and letting atavism guide you on a hunter-gatherer journey, is that you start attracting people who are unplugged and eccentric. Perhaps...

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29. 09. 2013

Charlottesville to Penn State

If you’ve never visited Charlottesville you may be unaware that a city can feel at once classical and bohemian. I woke up on the second day of my journey to joyful beams of...

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